Integrity Painting, Inc

Specialized Painting Contractor

At Integrity Painting, Inc., we are always looking for opportunities to develop a lasting relationship with you and your team.

Who Do We Service?

Commercial contractors:

Ranging from complete Wal-Mart repaints to beauty salon makeovers. We cover it all.
Big House in Residential — Interior and Exterior Painting Service in Clackamas, OR

Production builders:

Currently painting over 600 homes each year, we have the crews to keep intense production schedules while maintaining the quality you need.

Custom homebuilders:

Providing painting services on several multi-million dollar homes each year, when quality counts, you want Integrity Painting, Inc.

Property managers/HOAs:

Do you manage large condominium projects that need a facelift? Give us a call at Integrity Painting, Inc. We can completely repaint the exterior of a large 100-unit condo building or simply repaint the interior of a unit that needs to be turned. From large to small, we have you covered.