Five Reasons to Hire Commercial Painters

If you've been taking bids for an upcoming project, you may have been in contact with companies of varying sizes. Here are five reasons to hire a commercial outfit for your painting needs.
  1. Efficiency: Individual painters and small businesses may do great work, but they aren't always lauded for their efficiency. Hiring a painting company offers more hands and less time to complete the work.
  2. Quality: Commercial painters regularly cater to the demands of real estate tycoons and property management companies. Estimators know that cutting corners simply won't do; rather, the only way to please exacting clients is to do quality work.
  3. Assets: Every business should have access to cash, and larger outlets typically carry greater reserves. This enables foremen to keep projects on track rather than getting stuck short on materials or labor.
  4. Attention: Commercial companies are more likely to have employees working in an office, dedicated to answering questions and scheduling. This is a welcome change from dealing with small businesses, where calls often route to a cellphone and may go unanswered.
  5. Security: Sure, all licensed contractors should carry insurance, but larger companies generally carry more robust policies. With so many things that can go wrong on a job, this brings peace of mind.
The benefits mentioned above are just a start. Contact Integrity Painting, Inc. for more information on what commercial painters can do for you.